Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Freedom Defined!

Our country evolved into a world super power not because of might or financial superiority alone. We became great because of the principle we were founded upon, freedom. Without freedom none of the rest was possible. It's important we understand what defines our freedom and that we take great lengths to protect it. Freedom is not a concept for the masses, it begins and ends with the individual. Decisions on what is good or bad for our liberty should rest solely upon how it affects each person individually. Here's an example of how your liberty is being manipulated away from you....

If you earn a dollar, you have exactly one dollar worth of choices available to you. You may spend or save 100 pennies, anyway you see fit. This is 100% freedom. If you earn a dollar and the government decides to tax you 25% you have seventy five cents worth of choices. Do you have less freedom with that scenario, or more freedom? The answer of course is less. Freedom is defined as having choices, less money equals less choice. The government has taken away some of your choices, ergo restricted your liberty.

Without exception every time someone in government decides to spend tax dollars for anything your liberty is restricted. Tax dollars come from you. When they are spent, you have less options, because the money in your pocket has been removed to pay for that spending. Does anyone reading this think that government, be it local or national, understands this concept? What percentage of the American population do you think believes that money that government spends doesn't come from them?

A large portion of the population thinks that government spending is manna from heaven. A gift from the government to them. When in fact they have traded liberty for whatever the government offered. To be an independent people we have to remember that requires being responsible for oneself. Every time you allow the government to handle something for you, you have ceded the right and the options that come with that right, to control the outcome. This is not liberty.

True freedom demands the individual become and remain self sustaining. The shortest path to that goal is to become financially independent. Secondly, it's important that the officials you cast your vote for on every level of government understand and practice the principle of protecting your freedom. This means limited government.

There are little things you can do to become a person who loves and protects their freedom. Give freely and willingly to church and charity so the government doesn't have to step in and forcibly redistribute their wealth through taxation. Pick up litter everywhere you go so the government doesn't have to hire people to do that. Little things like this reinforce our liberty by making government irrelevant and set on heck of an example for others to follow. Freedom begins and ends with the individual, and the responsibility to maintain it lies solely on the back of the individual.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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