Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"How's That Working For You?"

"Educational laziness is the mother of poverty and sloth."-Douglas Wilson

Man that hit home! My results in life prior to making a decision to give myself a Thomas Jefferson education, were the direct result of my laziness when it came to learning. How much one grows when the decision is made to ingest valuable information both spiritually and financially. Why would one struggle through life learning lessons, ( or not grasping them at all) the hard way when the guidance of others who've already walked that path is available to all? It's an absurd and egotistical notion to assume you can do it better yourself, yet that's where I found myself prior to making a decision to change. How much better a place this world would be if everyone took the above quote to heart and lived it!

We are all basically brought into this world with the same beginnings. Naked, broke, extremely upset that our comfortable environment was changed, and not having any grasp on the language to communicate that frustration. Then someone swats us on the bum and we do the only thing we know how...scream! What separates us from each other is our ability and our drive to learn. How proud young parents are when little Johnny or Suzie is potty trained or walks at a young age? They have quickly learned the vital behaviors necessary to succeed, and this in turn makes their parents proud! It's truly a sign of more good things to come.

Then there are those who choose the distractions over the learning. They trade good for great and their results reflect it. They make excuses for wearing that warm wet diaper when they could have the freedom of being potty trained. That's where I found myself, all comfortable in a soiled environment when the liberty of having choices only required a little more effort. It simply took a decision to apply a little more effort and humbling myself into admitting there are important things you can learn from others. Others who have demonstrated the level of success I desired and were willing to share the information to get there. I simply had to honestly ask myself the old Dr. Phil question; "How's that working for you?"

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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