Monday, December 5, 2011

A Christmas Message!

Today we celebrate a victory! Albeit a small one it is a step in the right direction. The effort to change the culture is taking hold despite the attempts by the media to indoctrinate dysfunction into mainstream society. Below find the musings of my teenage niece, of which I am oh so proud of at this moment; who struggles daily with the arrogant years and the negative input of peers and media. Most youth are mindlessly quoting lyrics to song, or mesmerized by the television's version of life in America where Dad is portrayed as a bumbling idiot, religion is to be hidden, and the what's left of the family unit is in total disarray; she found the true message in the spirit of Christmas. You'll not find this young lady engulfed in the debauchery displayed on the likes of the Maury Povich Show, or thinking that Jerry Springer represents real life drama. She is grounded in faith and understands that time spent idolizing the TV is a direct representation of your income stream. Here's her story.....

The Real Meaning of Christmas
by Cole Howard on Sunday, December 4, 2011 at 10:27pm

Yesterday morning I was opening the dry cleaning store. Before I open, I usually run next door and grab a coffee from Dunkin Donuts. Every Saturday there are people who stand outside the store an ring bells collecting money for the children's hospital. Yesterday, there was an elderly woman standing outside, who was collecting money. As I walked out of Dunkin Donuts past her, she asked "Would you like to make a donation to the children's hospital?" I answered back "Not today thank you" and walked away.

As I was walking back to my store, a little boy who had braces and crutches walked out of Dunkin Donuts. He had no coat on, and he was bald, and skinny. I figured he was a recovering cancer patient. He was with his mother, who looked tired and worn. The little boy walked over to the woman with the bucket and reached into his pocket, and pulled out a few coins. He dropped them into the bucket and said to the woman, "This is all I've got. I know it's not much, but i do know what it's like to be sick, and in the hospital on Christmas. So please give this to the people who need it most, and tell them that God loves you." The woman smiled and said "I will tell them, and thank you very much!" The little boy smiled back and said "By the way, please tell the kids at the hospital that Benjamin said Merry Christmas."

With the help of his now smiling mother, the boy hobbled back to their car, leaving me standing there on the sidewalk speechless. I knew right then and there that God had sent that little boy to remind me what Christmas is really about. I could not help but think about how small my heart must be. I normally can't stand people who are too selfish to help others, who can't go out of their way, yet there i was, one of them. I was so busy in my up and down world that I had seriously forgotten what Christmas time is about. I then looked down at my warm coat and Ugg boots, realizing how lucky I was that I had these things, that I spent every Christmas home, with my family, that I was in good health, wondering how it was that I could be so blind.

Growing up my Mother had always told me that angels don't only live in heaven, they walk among us every day. You don't have to have wings and a halo to be one of them. She told me that God sends these angels for several different purposes, to help others, to help keep watch over his creations, and to remind people like myself that it's not all about me. I had decided that Benjamin was an angel sent here to help others like myself. It was his job to make people like me realize what's truly important in life.

Before I went back into my store, I turned to the woman, reached into my bag, and put a five into her bucket. I looked at her, and she said "Thank you." I then told her that I had heard what that little boy said. She said to me " He's a very special boy." and I said "Yes he is." I then turned and walked away. How that little boy had a smiling face despite everything puzzles me, because as I walked away I felt a tear slip down mine.

Thank you Nicole!

God Bless!
Capt Bill

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