Friday, December 30, 2011

Not Tuna again!

Orrin Woodward has written an outstanding article on the state of our political system. Please take the time to read it @

What he points out brought me to a great analogy about shopping for canned tuna. When we enter the aisle to make our purchase we are given a myriad of choices. There are rows of beautifully packaged product tempting us to select. Each one promises to be better on the outside than the other, but after we make our selection and bring it home, we open the can to disappointment. Inside resides the same old stinky fish. Duped again!

The political process is basically the same. It doesn't matter if it's a left wing "liberal" offering or right wing "conservative," they all stink! What our country needs are people of principle who are willing to put the health of the nation above self, not unlike George Washington or Abraham Lincoln did. George declined not only the offering of being a monarch, but conceded power to others not willing to seek additional terms in office. Abraham Lincoln took an unpopular stand against slavery that divided the country then led to a civil war, and corrected the injustice. He was murdered for his effort. Show me a candidate today that'll show that kind of spine, void of corporate corruption, and I'll show you a hero.

We have perverted the principles that this country was founded upon to the point it'll take a leader who is willing to put aside self, (because they are going to take some heat), and make the changes necessary to align us with our stated purpose. Liberty is not dependence on government. The more we feed that beast, the bigger it grows and the harder it is to slay. I think you can imagine how it's going to take a person of Washington or Lincoln's commitment to principles to turn this nation around. The same old stinky fish will not do.

We also need to change the culture of our people. Lost are the values of independence. We cannot change Washington until we address ourselves. The same old can of tuna will keep being purchased until we the consumer demand a better product. To do that we have to put liberty above personal gain. This my friends is just one small part of the LIFE initiative.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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