Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Tri-Lateral Success Initiative!

I read some great stuff last night and had an epiphany. It was noted in the book I was reading that; "obstacles are meant to be overcome, fear is meant to be conquered, and success is meant to be achieved." Then I thought, how true; because if they didn't what is their purpose?

Honestly obstacles have absolutely no purpose other than to deter you from success. Even in games shows where they purposely install obstacles between you and the goal line for the audience's entertainment, their primary function is to get you to quit, or delay you reaching your intended goal. They are a prerequisite to success and an indicator that your approaching your goal! Obstacles create winners!

Fear! Ah, the paralyzing initiative also designed to prevent you from action. Is it not meant to be conquered? What other purpose does it serve? There are many ways to overcome your fears and most of them involve simple solutions. Fear of the dark is solved with the introduction of light. Fear of loneliness is resolved by interaction with people. Fear is being unsure of the unknown, bring it out into the open and expose what little power it actually has, and it disappears just like the darkness does when penetrated by the light. Action solves fear, inaction feeds it.

Why would success exist if it wasn't meant to be had? Success is never outside of anyone's reach who is persistent and checks and adjusts their progress. Overcome your fears and conquer your obstacles and success is had. Just the process of doing that is success and it moves you closer toward your goal. It's amazing how this process works hand in hand. You can't have success without removing fear and obstacles. Success cannot exist with out fear and obstacles as to succeed is to overcome. If your having fears and obstacles in your life, success cannot be very far away. Just make the decision to confront and you begin to win.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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