Friday, September 23, 2011

Success Principles!

There are people in history that embody life principles we can all learn from. I believe the information below is not only timeless, but invaluable and important for every individual to absorb!

Frederick Douglass sought to embody three keys for success in life:

Believe in yourself.
Take advantage of every opportunity.
Use the power of spoken and written language to effect positive change for yourself and society.

Douglass said, "What is possible for me is possible for you." By taking these keys and making them his own, Frederick Douglass created a life of honor, respect and success that he could never have dreamed of when still a boy on Colonel Lloyd's plantation on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Does this not exude every principle the TEAM and the upcoming LIFE opportunities represent? Frederick Douglass lived in the worse possible conditions during a period of slavery, yet he lived these principles and rose as an influential figure in history. Rising out of the hopelessness of slavery, ( and we think it's horrible to be controlled by a job), Douglass had every reason to just quit. What barriers stand between you and your hopes and dreams?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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