Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Seduction Of The Mob!

The philosophical ideas the resulted in the French Revolution took nearly a century to implant themselves in the minds of the crowd. It was a slow process constantly picking at the edge of morality, chipping away at behavior that people knew to be incorrect, verses behavior that satisfied the masses. This was an irresistible force, when once taken root led to the riots and beheading via the guillotine. The striving of a nation toward the conquest of social equality through hecatombs that would have terrified Ghengis Khan and Tamerlane.

A long time is required to implant ideas into the heads of society, especially those ideas that run counter to what's socially acceptable. It takes an even longer time for those idea to be eradicated. The liberals believe the masses are several generations behind their learned men and philosophers. For instance, how would gay marriage or abortion been looked upon by the generation of the 1950's? Now semi-acceptable practices we assume into everyday life, they didn't come about over night. It was a slow process of erosion that provided us with once shunned ideals, and our indifference to the process.

One on one this debate could have never come to fruition, but as with the French Revolution, if you present it to the masses, no argument is returned. The crowd fuels itself on emotion and an orator simply has to paint the picture of injustice void of a dissenting opinion. A vision of personal freedom, even if that decision runs contrary to reason or intelligence. Just gin up the mob and heads will roll.

The seduction of the masses is an art of the liberal mind set. Those evil rich people don't need all that money, they stole it from you! They ride around in private jets and limousines, while you struggle to own a vehicle. They don't remind the crowd that those are the people who pay their salaries and most of the taxes required to run this nation. The just seek to aim the crowd's ire at a sect of people who are unlike themselves. The unions of today thrive on this same cowardly ferocity. And because the intelligence level of an individual drops substantially when united in a herd, this propaganda is bought,lock, stock, and barrel without objection.

Ever wonder why there are caucuses in Congress? Because if lawmakers are allowed to freely interchange ideas with other individuals of a different mind set, they may have to be reprogrammed back toward their social cause. It's to keep the follower on the right track, not to be distracted by factual points to the contrary. Individual thought is free of mob centered emotion. Your not as likely to get caught up in a cause, fueled by other's emotion.

Ubi Caritas Et Amor, Deus Ibi Est!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


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