Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Education Investment!

When a company decides to invest in a training system for it's employees free market principles demand that the investment should be carried to the point at which the extra return repays the investment and yields the market rate of interest on it. In other words, the company making the investment should see a substantial return. This is sound management of corporate funds. It's a win/win for both the personnel, and the company as they both increase their worth.

The same principle applies to the education of our children. If it's going to cost more to bring them through the process, there should be additional value as an end result. If we are asked to increase funding to our school systems to maintain the same or lower level of literacy, something is wrong in the process. It should never cost a community more to maintain a literacy level. If it does the community is being robbed of a proper return on their investment, and should reevaluate the investment. Every dollar should show improvement statistically and produce to the work force an educated product capable of providing the community with a greater return as far as taxable income produced.

Children couldn't be born any less educated, it should never become more costly to bring them to a level of productivity that serves the community. Every tax dollar spend should be weighed for it's return. So when we are told it's important to invest in our children's future, yet the literacy level declines, it's not a financial issue. It's a teaching process. We are not focusing on issues specific to achieving a better return on our education investment. It will serve us well to remember that when the government tries to sell us on making our children more competitive in the global market. Show me the statistics on our return.....

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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