Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tax Resolution!

Rush Limbaugh had an outstanding idea yesterday while discussing President Obama's plan for "everyone to pay their fair share." Rush decided that was a wonderful premise, and I concur. Since the Democrats are responsible for enactment of all the social programs; Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare, those who vote for representatives supporting that legislation should divide the costs of what the people they elected voted for.

Now that might seem unfair to some, but I'm a fair kind of guy. So we let the door swing both ways. Liberals are always complaining conservatives spend too much on the defense of our country, so since defense spending is a conservative issue, they should shoulder the burden of what their representatives vote for. It'll break down like this..

The 2010 budget allows for
SSI 20%
Medicare and Medicaid 23%
Defense spending 20%
Interest on the debt 6%
Other 12%
Discretionary spending 19%

Those who vote for legislators who have a "D" after their name, and vote to fund social programs will be responsible for:
SSI 20%
Medicare 23%

Those who vote for legislators who have a "R" after their name and vote for defense spending will have:
Defense spending 20%

If your an independent your tax responsibility follows your voting record. If the people you voted to elect support fiscal responsibility, your tax liabilities reflect that.

If you don't choose to vote your taxes stand as they are.

The balance of the budget will be split between the two compiling 37% of the budget. So tax rates for Democrats will be based on paying 61.5% of the budget needs, and Republicans will be billed by the IRS for 38.5% of the government's fiscal responsibility. It's an equitable split designed to have those who strongly believe in social welfare contribute toward their belief, and those who deem a strong defense important also responsible to pay their "fair share." This is the only true way for voters to hold their representatives accountable and fairly divide the tax burden for all the programs. It's no longer a "class warfare" issue under this system, it's about principles. If you strongly believe in redistribution of wealth, then your's will be redistributed equitably. If you strongly believe in our country having a strong military, your tax dollars will go to support those causes. I'll betcha people do their best to understand what the candidate they vote for fiscal policies are prior to casting their ballots. I'll also betcha they hold those representatives accountable for every vote. The politician you cast your vote for will have a direct impact on your taxable rate. Now that's a fair redistribution of your tax dollar.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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