Wednesday, September 7, 2011


During the upcoming political season we are bound to hear the term flip-flopper. It's an insult hurled at candidates meant to discredit their position on a topic of debate. Honestly they use it in a very loose manner to serve their agenda, because it implies such a unlikable trait.

A true flip-flopper will not say the same thing to different groups they are speaking to. You speak to a union constituency, your pro-labor and all for the blue collar worker. If they speak to corporate heads they espouse a view in favor of management, an for example. If it's a catholic group they are anti-abortion, if it's a woman's rights group then they are all for it. That's a flip-flopper!

What a flip-flopper is not, is one who changes their opinion and stands firmly on the new principle. Often times as we grow as individuals we receive more information, and that helps enlighten us with a new point of view. Truthfully, there was a time I had views that could be considered very liberal, then I got more information. It's amazing what actually having to pay taxes will do for your point of view when it comes to the government. If a candidate has voiced at some point in his or her career a view dissimilar to what they stand upon now, that's not qualified as a flip-flop. It is important they inform the public what changed their opinion, and why. For instance you might have at one time believed in a woman's right to an abortion, but as you grew and have come to understand your faith and the sanctity of life, you now side with the rights of the unborn life. That's hardly a flip-flop but better defined as a personal growth event. Has anyone else noticed most of the people who enjoy the liberal point of view are youthful? Apparently it's something most people grow out of as they mature and have a deeper grasp on life.

Watch out for the labels!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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