Friday, September 9, 2011


We all got an earful last night during the President's speech, highlighted by the suggestion that Congress, "should pass this now!" It sounded like we were trying to get rid of a kidney stone, as the President suggested once again that we should get the evil millionaires and billionaires to "pay their fair share." Your stand is always in question when you point to a hypocrite as an example to highlight your point. Warren Buffet not only is delinquent in his tax paying responsibilities, he's always welcome to fill out a short form and take the basic deduction, or he can donate tax dollars to the federal government. The IRS has a special area of it's web site dedicated to that kind of philanthropy. He's done none of the above, but back to my point.

Let's do the simple math to start. If the tax code were equal across the board and everyone paid, say 10%, a wealthy individual would pay more than his struggling counterpart. That's fair! If you made $10,000.00 per year, you'd pay $1000.00 in taxes. If you made 1,000,000.00 you'd pay $10,000.00, or as I'd like to say, your fair but equal share. We don't have that in America, our tax code already requires the successful to pay a higher rate than everyone else, which ignores these principles our founding father's bequeathed to us.

All men are created equal.


Equal justice under the law.

They went so far as to highlight the "all men are created equal," with the statement, "we hold these truths to be self evident." That statement insists that even President Obama should be capable of understanding this, but alas he doesn't.

The second statement is engraved permanently above the courthouse of the third branch of the government, the Supreme Court, lest they forget.

Despite all this effort to "level the playing field," as the liberal faction of our country is always so fond of leaning heavily toward, the message gets lost on our President. Is he angry with success? Why is a progressive tax code part of our system? It draws lines of segregation between the population. Isn't that frowned upon in a nation of equal individual freedom? Apparently being a someone with progressive views has it's drawbacks.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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