Saturday, January 14, 2012

You Have To Apply Common Sense!

I encountered an interesting argument during a debate with an individual who was having trouble believing in God. It seems the idea that man had created the Bible out of the blue and it wasn't a reliable depiction of historical events infected his thinking. As a non-believer in God, he, by default placed his faith in mankind and specifically science. He then went on to try to convince me that those same humans created the Bible to further their agenda. So I had to ask....Left to themselves mankind basically will always take the path of least resistance. I mean if there is a task to be done, most would prefer someone else do it, or at last resort find the easiest way to do the least amount of work possible and still get by. Mankind doesn't like to be told what to do, nor when they need to do it. A great example is to ask your child to clean their room. In most cases the mess in question will end up in the closet, under the bed, or in the laundry hamper. So with that in mind, why would they subject themselves to the rigid structure of God's law depicted in the same Bible he claimed man created?

Realistically the mankind I've been exposed to, doesn't take easily to the phrase, "Thou shalt not..." Left to themselves to make the rules, I believe it would say, "Thou shall, and as often as thou feels like!" Pleasure trumps discipline in a secular world, so once again I ask...If mankind invented a fictional book of moral guidelines, why would they be moral at all? Reason dictates it was mandated by a higher power. I mean come on, have you met your fellow man?

So naturally this fellow didn't believe in creation as that would involve a higher power. He was a staunch evolutionist. Once again the debate caused me to introduce logic into the discussion. Suppose your out in the middle of nowhere, I'm talking like South Pole nowhere. You come across a discarded CD player. How did that get there? The components that makeup that piece of electronic hardware are all a part of this earthly world, so did it evolve into existence, or did it have a creator? Is there anyway, given enough time, that piece could have assembled itself? Of course not! And it's not even 1% as complicated as the human body. That piece of electronic equipment had a creator and so do you. It was part of an intelligent design, as were you. You can pile up all the elements that make that CD player in a pile, wait and eternity, cause an explosion, freeze it, warm it, soak it in water, nuke it, do whatever, and you'll still not find an assembled CD player at the end of your quest. The same applies to life. The day someone can start with absolutely nothing and make me a pancreas, we'll talk about this notion. But I'm not holding my breath, unless the Almighty himself wants to punk me. While I'm sure God has a sense of humor based on the aardvark and the platypus, I'm also convinced He doesn't do stunts.

Funny, that chap didn't want to debate anymore. But I've not yet seen him in church, so our work isn't done. Remember, if man had actually created the Ten Commandments, they'd be quite different, and nothing over time is still nothing. Simple math, 0+0=0 period.

God Bless
Capt. Bill

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