Monday, January 2, 2012

I Declare.... Independence!

A couple of days ago I posted a blog about how the political choices of candidates were similar to purchasing a can of tuna. Despite the attractive packaging the product is the same old stinky fish. I've also noticed a number of people are leaving their party affiliation and designating themselves as independent. Now the media, and the other political parties have poo-pooed the idea of a third party as that would upset the applecart they've worked so hard to preserve. After all a candidate that wasn't beholden to the special interests of the parties could be, well, independent. I've given this a great deal of thought, and ran all the scenarios, they are buffaloing us. The democrats number about 25 percent, with the republicans holding down a number in the 30% range. At best they control 55% of the vote, but here's the kicker....Many of those in a party affiliation are as frustrated as I am. So while independents hold approximately 45% of the vote, they actually can control who's going to get elected. Democrats will vote party line, 25% at best. Republicans will vote party line again, 30% at best. 45% of the vote remains unclaimed, it's time for a third party! One that actually works for the people.

As of tomorrow my party affiliation is being change to independent. As of today I'm going to suggest the independents ban together and form a platform. Today I'm going to suggest the first two premises that this party be based upon. See if you agree.....

1) The rights of the citizens of these United States are granted solely by the Creator. Therefore anything deemed a right by man himself is not a right but an option. Options created by mankind can be as easily taken away as they were ceded. Rights handed down from the Creator cannot be reneged by any man, so they remain permanent. While rights come from the Creator, options such as good employment or suitable housing need to be earned, not granted. This premise itself defines independence, what this party and this great nation was founded upon.

2) We believe in the rights of the individual. Nothing is so important as the rights of a single man, woman, child, or potential life. If we strive to take care of individual life, the needs of the collective will fall into place. The rights of the individual come before else. No group, special interest, mob, or collective shall take precedent at any time over the rights of one citizen. While we believe these rights should be available to everyone, they are limited to the boundaries and citizenship of the United States Of America, as it is the laws we live under that protect and support those rights.

This is a rough draft, suggestions are welcome, and there is more to come!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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