Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Tebow Factor!

The media has spent decades trying to convince us, and succeeding to a degree, that as a free people we shouldn't be bound by a moral compass. It's okay to have an abortion, the productive rights of a woman supercede the rights of an unborn fetus. Divorce is normal and acceptable in society. Ergo marriage isn't really that important, it's perfectly acceptable for couples to live in cohabitation. You father is a bumbling idiot, not the head of household described in the Bible. Oh, and that Bible stuff, not in our schools, government, or even in public for that matter. We don't want anything to do with morality infecting our society. Our children's hero's, gang-banging, drug using, rap singing, women degrading, pants don't fit, thugs that seem to be above the law. Politicians performing lude acts in the White House, yet are lauded as outstanding Presidents.

Then comes Tim Tebow, the anti-culture to what our media portrays as popular and acceptable. A young man who's pants fit, loves the Lord and expresses it every chance he gets, gives back to humanity over and over again, puts others before himself, and exudes all the qualities of an outstanding leader and role model. Did I mention he's clean cut? No foul words flow from his mouth. He's an abortion that never happened. Is there any wonder why the media initially ran him thru the ringer? He's a very popular icon that represents everything they've tried to destroy. His mom and dad are loving parents and he comes from a family model seldom seen anymore. And get this, he's found success using this mantra! Boy, I wonder if they'll ever make this model in a politician?

Tim is so good he's even starting to convert allies in the media! They are turning their backs on the popular notion and jumping aboard the morality bus. We can all take something away from Mr. Tebow's example. The most important being, one person can make a difference! Dare to swim against the current! Walk in a different direction from the herd! And if you haven't read this piece yet, please click on the link, and by all means, pass it on!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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