Monday, January 23, 2012

Define Your Why!

What an interesting weekend just prior to my departure to the Winter Leadership Convention. I met and saw so many interesting people most of whom reinforced how much work there is yet to do. I watched a man leap from his car and beat on the window of a fellow motorist in a threatening manner. The threatened man, who apparently did something less than acceptable while driving in the eyes of the aggressor, responded with a one finger salute. Here's the sad part, the one finger salute fellow was a senior, and the aggressor had a US Coast Guard license plate on his vehicle. One failed to accept responsibility for his driving, and the other lost control of his temper. They both represent work yet to be done!

I met a high school teacher who labored in great detail to explain to me how this country needed another Ronald Reagan in the White House, then proceeded to complain about how little the government was doing.

This is just a snap shot of how confused our social system has the population. We don't know what we believe and why we believe it! I can relate to both stories. There was a time I could have been that senior, or that young man who was angry with his driving to the point of irrational behavior. There was a time when I wished for leadership in the White House,. but complained in the same breath about government not benefiting me enough. Then I got better information.

We just all need a better understanding. We all live in a confusing society governed by what's socially acceptable on television and in the movies. It's time to present a value system to the people, explain the importance, live it, and aid them in understanding why. It's the why that's lacking in today's society. Most people don't have a why. It's like setting sail with no course of direction. If you don't know where your going, how do you know if your on course, or when you arrive?

Define your why!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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