Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Independent Platform!

Round two in the platform of the independent voter. Yesterday we visited the rights of the individual, and the fact rights are granted by the Creator, not by man. Today we expand those thoughts and ideas. Remember this is a rough draft and very open to discussion!

3) Freedom of religion. We as individuals believe in the right to openly practice our faith. Freedom of religion does not mean freedom from religion. Should an individual find worship offensive then we suggest you invoke your right to ignore. We also believe as our founding fathers implied, that the government has no right to promote a federal or state religion. This does not mean that religion has no place in government, simply the opposite is true. Government has no place in religion.

4) We believe that laws are to be created by those designated by the Constitution to do so. Activist judges in the judicial branch should play no part in the enactment of legislation. It is their purpose to interpret the law, not make it.

5) The free market. Note the wording. We believe that business is to "regulated" by the consumer, not the government. We hold true to the free market principles and to capitalism. Capitalism has fed, clothed, and housed more citizens than any charity or act of government ever has. You cannot expect the principles of a free market system to work if interfered with. Freedom only exists if an individual is free to market and consume goods and services void of government interference.

More tomorrow!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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