Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rock The Vote!

The time is approaching for some to choose their candidate for the Republican nomination to run for President. I've been asked over and over again who fits my parameters, and honestly it doesn't matter. It's your job to vote your conscience. Individually we are responsible to do our due diligence and make a choice. We cannot rely upon others to lead us to where our vote is applied, as in the end we are all personally responsible for our actions. I will however interject this. There are subtle differences in each of the offerings, and those are critical points to consider.

One presents himself as a businessman with the capabilities of turning around ventures that have strayed from sound business principles. This might be a plus when it comes to making the hard decisions this country is going to have to face to remain solvent financially.

One offering is a strict constitutionalist, who would like to bring us back to the guidelines this great nation was founded upon. He'd like to abolish all those areas and agencies that represent a departure from the founding father's original intent. I also find myself in support of that framework of thought, it worked for the better part of this nation's existence, why stray from it?

Another offering represents himself as a strong debater and knowledgeable of the workings in Washington, with the ability and the history of getting things done within that framework. One has to admit there is value in this type of experience. Knowing how to influence others to get the job done, does have it's benefit.

Then there is the social conservative that has also worked within the system. He believes that social values are critical in the running of this great country. I find this message equally important and frankly absent from the direction Washington has embarked upon.

The final candidate has experience with global affairs. He's worked inside the State Department's structure, and understands our role in the world structure. He has the knowledge of how to persuade our allies and other regimes toward working together to achieve a common goal. You have to agree this also has it's upside.

So there is a decision to be made. All the candidates bring something to the table of value. Frankly, since there can only be but one, the rest should seek positions within this next presidency. I will point out there is only one quality that encompasses and unites all their strength. It's who has the moral character to get the job done? If your a moral being your business decisions will be in everyone's best interest. If your a man of high moral fiber your going to stick to the rule of law as presented in the Constitution. If your a moral individual your ability to work within the system will come smoothly as people will be drawn to you. If you stand on high moral principles the social issues are a breeze. And finally if your a man of high moral character our allies and other regimes will find favor in what you present. When you cast your ballot, vote for moral character first and allow the rest to be welcome accessories!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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