Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hitting The Wall?

Have you hit the wall? People who try to break a bad habit such as criticizing others frequently come up against limits to growth. At first, their efforts pay off. The criticize less. The people around them feel more supported. The others reciprocate with positive feelings, which makes the person feel better and criticize less. This is a reinforcing spiral of improved behavior, positive feelings, and further improvement. But, then, their resolve weakens. Perhaps they start to find themselves facing aspects of others' behavior that really give them the most trouble; it was easily overlooked, a few little things, but this is another matter! Possibly, they just become complacent and stop paying attention to their knee jerk criticisms. For whatever reason, before long, they are back to their old habits.

The key here is to not become complacent! People exhaust themselves by trying to push themselves into a growth pattern when the key is simply to remove what is limiting their growth! Becoming a hungry student is the first and most important step to removing those barriers. Information expands the mind and prevents becoming complacent. You have to act on the new information you've received! Nothing repeals an old habit like the bath of fresh information to the contrary. I like to call that the aha moment.Keep feeding yourself new information and the possibility of complacency diminishes.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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