Saturday, January 7, 2012

When Is Enough?

We can talk about things like honor, character, and humility until we are completely exhausted, but if we're not ready to live our lives according to those principles, then we are no better than those who oppose us.

There are those who are currently running for office that suggest we impose term limits on our political representatives. With this I agree because there are currently forty Senators that are sixty-five or older and twenty-two that exceed the age of seventy. It's one thing to talk about raising the standard and yet quite another to actually do it. These forty Senators, represent the nearly permanent ruling class. There was a time when service to the government was taken as a patriotic duty, not as a career. Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii has served as a Senator for 49 years. Isn't it time he spend his time with his family and open up a position for someone else to serve? Some of those politicians have grown roots!

Another little trick I find distasteful is the practice of seeing that pork barrel spending is indeed placed in legislation to favor the constituents of your state, then after seeing the legislation was going to pass the vote; voting a nay. This sneaky practice then allows you to claim your against pork barrel spending, but when in fact you insisted the spending be apart of the bill in the first place. It's playing both sides of the fence and quite frankly, deceiving those who trust you. But it's all part of everyday life in Washington.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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