Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Common Goals!

In your life, wether is be in the workplace or at home, often times your presented an opportunity to involve yourself with a shared vision. It might be you and your spouse have a dream home your working toward, or perhaps the boss has asked you to share in achieving a performance goal at the office. Whatever the end result, the key is to master the discipline required to take the steps toward achieving the desired end result! A personal commitment is demanded if your going to attain the goal at hand. Nothing can be accomplished without the necessary focus on the prize.

A sure fire way to harpoon reaching the stated goal is for part of the team to lack the vision and simply sign on to another's dream. You see this most often in the workplace where the management has imposed a goal on the working staff. the end result is a half hearted compliance rather than the necessary commitment required to devote the necessary effort to win. If you offering a shared vision for others to buy into, be certain of the level of commitment.

To achieve, by definition there will be a struggle. Remember the process, "dream, struggle, victory!" A shared vision provides a rudder to keep all parties on course when the stress of the struggle is inflicted upon those striving toward victory. As Robert Fritz so aptly states, "In the presence of greatness, pettiness disappears." With the absence of mutual focus upon a dream pettiness appears. Commitment by more than one will provide a support system when stress overwhelms another.

A shared vision is a powerful means to an end. Certify that all have bought into the dream, and as a unit overcome the struggle necessary to have your victory!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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