Monday, January 9, 2012

They Have Faith, Just Not In God!

I've encountered an interesting epiphany during a debate over evolution. Those who wholeheartedly believe in the science of evolution defend it as if it were their salvation! In other words, they've traded belief in religion for faith in science. Their religion is in fact science! Those whom God created are no longer worshipping their Creator; they are worshiping themselves. It's uncanny how they'll argue with you the point that having faith is ridiculous because science has disproved it. Yet aren't they in fact placing "faith" in a scientific belief created and promoted by man?

I was told I needed to basic biology text book for my retraining away from the Bible's teachings. Aren't they both books written by man? While the Bible represents the Word of God, the text book is a reference's word?

They scoffed at references to facts and claimed they were probably taken from a "Christian website." So I guess they'd be more concise and factual if they'd come from a secular one? Some how facts aren't facts if they were exposed by a Christian. I'm guessing the belief system that tells them it's a sin to bear false witness, just doesn't matter. But a secular, non-Christian fact bearer, they represent the truth. You know, because they have no agenda.

One of the funniest retorts was when I was told I was misusing the word "theory." So I quoted the definition from several sources, and was told I was still wrong. You see the world's definition of "theory" doesn't quite fit the evolutionists agenda, because science is fact!. This is the lengths of denial someone who professes to not have faith in God will go to, to prove a faith in science.

Fear not, like any good choleric would do I presented my views to the point of their exhaustion. Apparently my faith is more persistent than the scientific community, or I'm just more bullheaded. It was a great exercise in persuasion with love. While the opposition lowered themselves to insults, they were like spitballs off a battleship. It is possible to stand your ground without offending those who disagree with you. Who would have thought.........

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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