Friday, January 6, 2012

Political Leadership!

Everything we do in life-every battle that we fight and every mountain that we climb, no matter how many times that we may fall-may be for no other purpose than to prepare us for that moment when we are called upon to make a difference in this world. With this thought in mind, doesn't it suggest we guard every action with leadership in mind? One of the major problems all of our political candidates face is owning up to their past. Since man is not perfect, they all have many things to explain, and their opponents are quick to point out their shortcomings. Which in itself, I find extremely distasteful. If it's necessary to raise oneself up by diminishing another, you still have some serious personal challenges to overcome. Personally that individual is far from ready to assume leadership. I find those assaults to be very unattractive in a candidate. There is an old saying Grandma used to remind us of, "people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." Frankly, neither should their supporters, sing the praises of your candidate! Loving thy neighbor as thyself means putting thy neighbor above self.

George Washington was one of, if not the greatest president in our nation's history. Part of his upbringing was to hand write the rules of civility so they were imbedded in his mind. His actions proved he knew and practiced those guidelines. He was a great example of leadership, humility, and principle. We should use his model when picking our leaders, and supporting our candidates. Isn't it funny that one of our greatest political leaders never ran a campaign, nor spoke ill of another politician? We should ponder that kind of example for a while.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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