Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vision and Priorities!

"Clarity of vision creates clarity of priorities." Man, I could write a book on this sentence alone! It does bring to light two of the most overlooked principles to basically every level of success, vision and priorities. It's been said time and time again in every form of cliche how vision is critical to success. Well, it is! If you left the house with no clear intent where you were going, where would you end up? The same applies to every aspect of life.

As a child, when there was nothing to do and Mom had kicked me outside, I would wander the neighborhood aimlessly looking for someone or something to do something with. Now there is a recipe for trouble! What's the odds that a chance encounter will have a positive results? When I left the house with specific intent, like to play baseball, football, hockey,to go fishing, or ride a bike with friends, the outcome was rarely a disappointing experience. Can we apply the same principle to adult life?

Now with that in mind, isn't it easier to define your priorities? What was important then is important now. A priority list for playing baseball as a youth would begin with finding other of like mind. Then equipment like a bat, ball, and mitt become necessary. Then a field where we wouldn't break windows would also be a bonus. Priorities all fall into place when you have a vision of what you wish to accomplish.

When we wished to change our adventure to fishing three things topped the list. Well four, if you counted actually asking permission! We needed a place to fish, tackle to fish with, and bait to attract our prey. All equally important and without any one of the key priorities, our vision couldn't be accomplished. We knew these principles as children!

I fear as adults we lose our vision by restricting our dreams to fit our current situation. Then we become complacent, losing the vision we once clearly possessed as children, and in the process, sacrifice our priorities. When was the last time you listed and actually lived your priorities? What is at the top of your priority list, and how much of your day is dedicated to it? All great questions we should ask ourselves and answer without delay!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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