Friday, June 3, 2011

Validation and Affirmation!

I was inspired last night by a phone call I got from Orrin. Imagine that, a man I hold dear as my mentor provided me with instant inspiration, just out of the blue. Isn't that exactly the definition of mentoring? Anyway, he told me he'd made a list that day of everything he was thankful for. What a novel idea! Writing down all the blessings in your life, just to reaffirm your understanding of the blessed life you live. Couldn't we all benefit from that idea? I couldn't help but think what a wonderful teaching moment that was. We set aside a holiday to be thankful, but is one day a year truly enough to account for the people and things that make our life better?

The purpose of the call was to let me know I was on that list, and he wanted to thank me for all I do. Again another teaching moment! Not only did the man edify, he expressed his gratitude. Truthfully, it choked me up a little. How many have a relationship with their mentor that flows both ways? In one short phone call I was reminded to list and count my blessings, then inspired to let everyone who is a blessing in my life know how much I appreciate every way they bless my life. Here's the great part, he didn't have to tell me to do it, he led by example. That my friends is the sign of a great teacher, the mastery of leadership, and mentoring.

I'm encouraging you to make that same list, and call those you love to reaffirm and testify to their importance in your life. Your going to make a lot of people's day, and better yet, your going to set an example that I pray will become contagious! Validation and affirmation will become all the rage.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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