Saturday, June 25, 2011

Are You Being Played?

America is being manipulated! A calculated effort is being effectively adopted to move people en mass toward a predetermined agenda. It begins very innocently when we are taught that our representative republic is a democratic process. This information is then perverted into our country is a democracy, a vestibule of mob rule. You see a true democracy is void of our system of checks and balances and is subject to the popular opinion of the people, or mob rule.

We have organizations within our society that promote mob rule, the one that immediately comes to mind is a labor union. When a union is properly used, the issues are place before the voting block, and the majority opts for the opinion of the majority. When a union is abused the union bosses whip the mob into a frenzy through the introduction of fear mongering and sway the opinion of the mob toward their agenda. They use either flat out lies, or half truths to improperly shift popular opinion toward their desired goal. Often times that goal is the political vote of the mob.

Perhaps you recognize this tactic, it's a favorite of the liberals in our country. How many times have they fear mongered the senior vote by eluding to the possibility that conservative candidates are going to take their benefits away? It's not limited to our senior population, it's also an effective tool for gaining the minority vote. How many times has the left brought the illegal immigrant population out of hiding, whipping them into a frenzy by suggesting law enforcement is going to sneak in under the cover of darkness and steal children's parents, shipping them back home to their country of origin, leaving the children defenseless and without parental support? Haven't we seen left wing organizers rile up the Afro-American community frequently stirring up the mob mentality to move them toward their agenda? Isn't it common to pit the have-not's against the have's of our society, enraging them with propaganda designed to convince them they deserve to divide the wealth the have's earned?

The elites of the left call this process, "community organizing." Sound familiar? We elected one; one that whipped the mob into a frenzy with promises he couldn't keep. But America, like a herd of sheep, was led to the promised land by a false prophet. One that didn't actually have solutions but appeased the mob with slogans, a mob favorite. If your one of those who voted for, "Yes We Can," or "Hope and Change," and feel duped, you were! If you'll notice there wasn't any substance to back up those ear pleasing slogans, just a feeling. A feeling designed to make you emotional and sway your vote, because the mob unites on emotional decisions.

Some of America is being robbed of their individuality. They are being caught up in the mob mentality, swayed by propaganda, similar to what we abhorred when it was used by the Communists to overthrow their countries. They are sacrificing liberty, or freedom for some slogans, happy to be led like sheep.
Herein lies the problem, the mob is hijacking everyone's freedom, but the left knows that, and counts on it heavily.

I won't leave you defenseless, the left has a handbook we should all read and understand. The psychology of mob rule is explained and exposed in a book written in 1896 by Gustave Le Bon, titled..."The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind." It compliments their other bible, "Rules For Radicals"-Saul D. Alinsky. These two reads will bring to light the tactics they apply to the herd.

Think for yourself, people!

God Bless
Capt. Bill


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