Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Something's Fishy!

I've recently seen written somewhere, that the dolphin, (mammal) is closest to human intelligence. That statement was followed by a question, a very thought provoking question! Why is it then we never see a dolphin with 1/2 of his face tattooed? Another testament to the dolphin's intelligence, if it's still in question, is their ability within just a few short weeks of captivity to teach we humans to stand by the edge of a pool and throw them fish!

What this all mocks is our ability to make intelligent long term decisions about our future. We've become victims of social trends and media influence, well most of us. It is terribly easy to be sucked into the herd and wander aimlessly where ever they choose to graze, unless of course you set goals and take the elephant view. When you compare the ant's ability to gaze down the road and see what lies ahead, it's limited. What lies ahead on the horizon for the ant is hindered by it's height, blocking the long term view. Whereas the elephant in the same situation has clearer vision for the future outcome of what lies ahead.

The ant represents our present conscience, and the elephant our subconscious, the ability to dream! We have the power to mold our future, but first we must imagine it. As Carl Sagan said,"nothing happens but first the dream!" We can direct a positive outcome, by using vision to imagine how it all plays out. Perhaps if those 1/2 tattooed face people had looked down the road to the future, they'd have diverted the desire for immediate gratification for the long term. I can imagine it would be difficult to be considered a serious contributor to society, or a driver of a global economic engine with a mural covering 1/2 of your mug. But then, that's just me!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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