Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tell Me Why?

I just watched a sound byte where Harry Reid, the leader of the Senate was discussing the budget deficit. He stood before the nation and said, he couldn't justify a tax break for oil companies making record profits, and those evil corporations who are sending American jobs overseas. My simple question is....Isn't the funding of Brazil's oil research by this government, and the restrictions stopping American companies from developing our fossil fuel deposits, sending American jobs overseas?

Then there are the true leaders of the world, that understand the incredible pressure stinking thinking like that posted above puts on our freedom....

"Our ancestors fought for freedom with weapons, but today’s generation must fight for freedom with ideas. If we lose the battle of ideas, the real war is already lost. LIFE is a plan to do something, to restore the West to its former ideals. Where are you? Are you concerned with what is happening around you? Will you answer the call?"- Orrin Woodward

My question to you is, which of the authors of those two statements are really concerned about you, and understands your freedom? My second question is, why is the other one in a position of power?

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God Bless!
Capt. Bill


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