Monday, June 20, 2011

Dream Power!

I caught an interesting quote on the importance of having "the dream," in of all places, the Bible! The more I read it the more I understand it truly is the owners manual to life. Nicanor was about to attack the army of Judas in the area of Samaria, he had a serious manpower advantage. In fact Nicanor had decided he was going to erect a public monument as a statement to his arrogance and the predictable victory over Judas and the Jews. What he didn't count on was the pre-battle speech and the trust and confidence Maccab'es had in the Lord. You see in former battles the Lord had evened the odds by sending help from heaven. So Maccab'es reminded his warriors of the struggles they had already overcome, and to have faith in the Almighty. Then when he had those eager to fight, the Bible tells us this....

"He armed each of them not so much with the confidence in shields and spears as with the inspiration of brave words, and he cheered them all by relating a dream, a sort of vision, which was worthy of belief."-Maccabees 15:11

The story ends with the defeat of Nicanor. You cannot overcome the power of the dream, fueled by the grace of God. When your cause is worthy, and you have a laser like focus, a vision of the outcome, the results are predictable.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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