Friday, June 24, 2011

It's Not About Me!

Orrin laid one on me the other day that keeps ringing true, the more I think about what he said, the more examples of it appear. His statement was, if people would remove self from the equation, problems could be solved much easier. I'm paraphrasing of course, I'm not wise enough to walk around with pad and pen to catch these quotes verbatim, but the context is correct.

Let's look at the marriage that's in trouble because the husband is critical of his wife, constantly nitpicking her every action. What is the criticism accomplishing? He's degrading the woman he's suppose to love as a form of self gratification. If the task is important enough to criticize, it's worth doing yourself. If you remove self from the equation, the criticism is non-existent. Marriage is a partnership, while I believe the man is commanded to be the leader of his family, a leader's first act is to serve. How does it serve your wife, or your relationship to be the ever present critic? A selfless position in this case could save a marriage, and allow this relationship to grow. Let me be blunt..It's not about you!

I had to laugh the other night, I was listening to our President give a speech to the nation. All I kept hearing was the word "I." "I did this...I accomplished that." That my friends is another example of someone who lacks the understanding, to lead is to serve, and to serve you must first remove self from the picture. Once again Orrin's words rang true!

Our economy is in ruins, under funded by the promises of entitlement spending. We all know it, the answer is clear, yet when the government moves to address the problem, all you hear is... keep your hands off my Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. Self trumps logic? Extract the selfishness, the dilemma is removed. Opposing politicians understand this and play on the fears and selfishness of the voters to gain favor. Do you like being played as a pawn? You won't be if the good of the nation is put before self.

I'm not so sure it's going to the same now that I've been made aware. These examples keep jumping out and pointing to the truth. It's not about me! Remove self from the problem, and the problem evaporates. Marriages are repaired, relationships are mended, countries are saved, and all that starts with simply removing self from the thought process.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


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