Friday, June 17, 2011

Is There No Justice?

In Florida we have a murder trial that's garnering national attention, competing for attention with the O J Simpson trial. While Casey Anthony is no boon to society, I'm afraid the prosecution has a case that's about as full of holes as Swiss cheese, so we can expect a similar outcome. Her defense has gone to great lengths to perpetuate the lies she has told, and continues to tell, but there is absolutely no reason to even speak to any of that. The simple facts of this case are, they have a body, with no known cause of death, and no proof a homicide was even committed. It's a shame little Caylee will never see justice for her life, cut short by whatever means, but surely through the irresponsibility of a negligent parent.

What the prosecution can prove is aggravated child abuse, and obstruction of justice, neither of which carry the sentence this young lady deserves for her irresponsibility. "Beyond a reasonable doubt," is a conclusion this jury can never arrive at given the evidence they've seen. Yes, there is duct tape over the mouth of the skull, but it hardly takes a Harvard trained law scholar to ask the simple question; when was it applied, before or after death? Yes, someone did searches on a shared computer for neck breaking etc, but seeking information is hardly a crime, and exactly who was responsible for those queries? Were any of those methods the cause of death? Even if you can justify those questions with answers that convict Casey Anthony, how do you know that? Lastly and sadly the final question to be asked is; can you answer those questions without reasonable doubt inspired by fact? The truthful answer is no, so unfortunately neither of the Miss Anthony's in this case will find justice.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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