Monday, June 13, 2011

Union Monopoly!

One of the few acceptable powers of the federal government is the maintenance of law and order to prevent coercion of one individual by another. This is obviously an infringement upon one's freedom, and we have a mandate to uphold that. The government is also asked do just one thing for the free market, enforce the rules of the game, as in a truly free market is susceptible to abuse. I'm directly speaking of the ability of an individual or an entity to corner the market and control prices, a monopoly. Monopoly implies the absence of alternatives and thereby inhibits effective freedom of exchange. In practice, monopoly frequently, if not generally, arises when government supports or allows collusive agreements among individuals. We've taken great pains to avoid monopoly control through anti trust laws and the creation of the FTC, so the only way for one to exist is with the government's blessing. An example of this is your local power company, there isn't much competition to supply you power.

Now the power company is a sore spot with me, but my real bane is the power and control allowed by the unions. The unions by every definition are a government approved monopoly. The do exactly the opposite of what is permissible by the government in a free market society. They coerce and control the labor market and if that's not enough of an abuse, they inhibit the freedom of exchange when they decide to strike. Exactly what the definition of the government's job is to prevent, with their blessing!

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for an organization that represents the worker for safe working conditions, I think we call that OSHA. And I'm not opposed to having someone barter for fair pay and reasonable benefits, on an individual basis. But, collective bargaining is a page right out of a socialist society's playbook, and the power to shut down a business while imposing a strike is directly contradictory to the rule of a free market. That power ceded the unions through the indifference of the government has crossed boundaries, the one's our forefathers placed to keep us a free society.

A business wouldn't be allowed to use the coercive tactics, nor the collusive agreements the unions use as tools to get their way. What grants the unions the free pass to ignore the law? Well, it's the government, convinced by the lobby and the money the union use to buy favor. The money invested by hard working labor, designed to fund retirement and other benefits that are woefully under funded. Basically the workers are being defrauded out of pension and other benefits so the unions can influence elections. If the above argument isn't enough for the country to clamp down on the union abuse, that last statement should be the straw that breaks the camels back.

Basically, what we have here s an illegal, coercive, and collusive monopoly....and it's time to follow the law!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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