Monday, June 27, 2011

The Media Sheepherders

My last post introduced you to the tactic of swaying the mob, a favorite of the political left. Today I'd like to cite a real life example of how the left uses their influence and mob psychology to stir the emotions against a political competitor.

Rick Scott is the newly elected Governor of the State of Florida, his background is a wealthy businessman who made his fortune in the healthcare industry. He ran on a platform of making Florida a business friendly state, and getting people back to work. We suffered from an unemployment rate that varied from 12% to 14%. His party affiliation as you might guess is republican, as he's pro jobs and anti government interference. The liberal media hates him. They did everything they could to derail his campaign and they criticize his every more now in office, playing on the emotions of the mob. There is a reason for their disdain, other than the local level politics, Florida's vote will likely decide the Presidential election, so a republican making headway on economic issues using contrary policies to the liberal course spells trouble. Ergo they need to discredit and demonize this Governor to move their political agenda forward.

Governor Scott has lowered the unemployment rate from 12% to 10% in the six months he's been in office. He reduced the regulation necessary to get a business open and keep it successful, using his experience as a CEO to guide him. He's reducing fraud in our entitlement system by requiring applicants to take a drug test with their application for assistance. Needless to say the press and the left are not happy. This is way too much success for a republican to have for them to keep the liberal agenda alive.

So what does the left do when they are faced with the truth? They turn on the smear machine. It's not a new tactic, it's been used and is being currently used against everyone that gets in the progressive's way. Ask the Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christy! The media has conjured up lies about Rick Scott in print that have included eluding that the evil, rich, former CEO has funneled the drug testing business contract to his former medical clinic, implying cronyism, and nepotism, as his wife's estate hold controlling stock interest in the company. A play to stir up the emotions of the mob, demonizing the rich Governor as a thief of the government contract. Nice try, but Governor Scott made it clear his former company would not apply for any state contracts while he was in office during his campaign. So that headline was an out and out lie designed to rile up the crowds disfavor. They've also sprinkled the papers with headlines like, "Is Scott The Worse Governor Ever?" and beauties like, "GOP Nominee for President Not Likely To Seek Endorsement From Florida Governor." Again a lie!

Truth be told, Florida is on the right tract. And as the old saying goes, "people of integrity expect to be believed, and when they're not, they let time prove them right." Time and results are on the Governor's side, but that won't stop the left from taking pot shots at his agenda, seeking to turn the mob against him. They are going to target the least informed, weakest minded members of the public and hope to point their emotions toward the voting booth. The left's media soldiers will admonish Scott for trying to take away their immediate gratification, in his effort to save the state's economy. "He's going to steal your piece of the pie,and eat it himself," will be their emotional outcry to anyone who will listen. Liberals thrive on jargon as a substitute for thought, they exaggerate or lie to affirm emotion, resort to repetition to confirm those lies, and never attempt to prove anything with reason. All with the design to create a panic within the flock of sheep, they hope to herd to the voting booth. A real life example of liberal mob manipulation.

Governor Scott shares a respectable list of politicians who are fighting this madness. He's in great company. When you draw the ire of the media, you must be doing something right, or something terribly wrong.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


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