Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's All About You!

Yesterday we pondered the cornerstone of leadership, personal responsibility! Without it we'll never establish the credibility to create the magnetism that draws others toward us. It also stands to reason that without accepting your part of the credit for whatever situation arises, good or bad, speaks volumes to your character and integrity; more key ingredients to successful leadership! Owning your results defines your progress as a leader.

So, why are some hesitant to adopt responsibility? The simple answer is fear. Fear of being exposed, and the fear of not being accepted. Members of the human race abhor rejection, they fear disapproval or criticism, and avoid at all costs the uncertainty of negative peer reaction. Would you follow that kind of coward? It takes a spine to accept personal responsibility, and it's a very attractive feature! That my friends is why there is such a need for leadership principles to be taught in our society. We have decades of stinking thinking to overcome. We have citizens who were voted into positional leadership that avoided personal responsibility like the plague. Sports figures who used denial as a defense, when the facts pointed otherwise. It's become a badge of honor in today's world to be a coward, and that has led us to right where we are today. A society desperately seeking leadership, and demanding we take responsibility for where we are now.

That leadership needs to begin at home. Mom and Dad share the responsibility of teaching their fledglings how important it is to own your results. So you see, everyone is called to leadership, in fact they bear a personal responsibility to future generations to promote leadership skills. Our sports heroes need to be more like Tim Tebow, our politicians to emulate men like Alan West, and our leaders as grounded as Orrin Woodward. These are men that stand boldly, convicted to their principles, and owning their results. They aspire toward a cause greater than themselves, standing alone at times, surrounded by cowards and critics.

Life, or "living intentionally for excellence," is by design, and it begins by accepting personal responsibility. There is a great example of how to not accept personal responsibility watching the likes of Anthony Weiner dance around giving the public the answers they deserve, during his most recent personal scandal. A leader charged with the responsibility of representing the people of his district, should give direct and concise answers. Not avoid questions like a two year old caught with their hand in the cookie jar. It's childish, and hardly acceptable behavior for a man in his position. A shameful display of avoidance, driven by fear of exposure. His parents must be so proud!

We are gifted with what we allow, or tolerate. Accepting personal responsibility is paramount to changing our situation. Holding yourself accountable, and demanding it from those you surround yourself with, will put you in a position to achieve an acceptable outcome. Basically, your in charge of your environment.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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