Monday, August 6, 2012

Time To Make A Stand!

Back in agrarian times, people owned the tools they used to survive. Government could cause little interference with the people of the United States, as they were not only the owners of the tools, but the means of production. If a farmer needed a road to his field so he could easily tend to his crops and harvest them, he built it! He didn't wait for the government to do a impact study, soil test, permitting, inspection, and so on, he had a need and he provided for that need. He was self sufficient. The more the farmer toiled, the greater his reward.

Enter the manufacturing age. Big facilities provided the tools for production of goods and services. The owner of the tools employed people to operate those instruments, and the owner dictated what the service the employee provided was worth. The employee was limited by the scope of their hourly wage as to how much the toil of his labor could provide. The profit was once again kept by the one who owned the tools. Who ever owns the tools, owns the production.

Has anyone noticed the government has begun to provide the tools? Under the guise of innovation and the need for progress, the government has assumed the role of the provider. We need better healthcare, the government controls the tools. We need to be energy efficient, the government finances the innovation, (provides the tools). We need to provide the a work force to make America strong, the government provides the education. You have to have roads and bridges, the government provides the stimulus money to make that happen. Ever so slowly we are transferring our freedom and becoming dependent on the government to provide the means. Just like the agrarian age moved from the farmer owning the tools, to the factory owning the tools; we are relying on the government to assume the role of the tool provider.

Let me tell you why this is a problem. It's the philosophy of Karl Marx! Marx called for the state to own the tools so they could level the playing field and redistribute the wealth. When those in government make a point to inform us, "you didn't build that," they are espousing the philosophy of Marxism. When they instill the thought in our head that innovation comes through government involvement, we are being dragged toward a Marx-like agenda. This is not what Americans believe in, yet they are being slowly conned into dependence on the government to provide. The government is seeking to own the tools so they can exploit the labor, and they have!

This is exactly why there is a call for entrepreneur ism. We need to bring our country back around to the days of self reliance. Innovation is best driven in the hands of the people. It also speaks volumes to the freedom of the individual when we provide and create on our own. We need to own the tools. Our success and freedom demand that we as a people provide the tools, production, and toil, and push government back where it belongs. Government is not the research and development arm of the nation, "we the people" are. We have the means to educate ourselves, we can provide our own roads and infrastructure, and we can function free of government interference. Just provide the security so we can leave our homes to create, and maintain the legal structure to keep our ideas from being stolen, and protect our borders from foreign attack, and we'll do the rest.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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