Monday, August 13, 2012

Back In The Saddle!

Well, I'm back from my drive by tour of the flyover states! What a wonderful reminder of how beautiful our nation is, brief as it may have been. So much has happened since last Thursday but the event that stands out and will be talked about for the next week or so is Mitt Romney's VP pick. Say what you will about Romney's presidential campaign, this was a statement! Choosing Paul Ryan was a business decision that speaks volumes about what Romney's objectives are. He's going to get the budget in line, that's why he picked a budget hawk like Ryan. As a businessman, if your company has an issue balancing it's ledgers, you assign an expert to the task of addressing the problem, or you go over a fiscal cliff and declare bankruptcy. The Ryan choice is one that speaks directly to that issue. Romney could have chosen a running mate to attempt to secure favor in a toss up state, instead he chose a budget hawk to reveal this isn't a popularity contest, there is work to be done.

Here's what we're facing now. We have a party in the White House that cannot even plan and fund an event they've had four years to arrange. The Democrat National Convention had to be trimmed to 3 days and is still seriously under funded. How does one expect to operate an economy as diverse as the USA's when you can't even perform at that level? The Obama campaign is burning through cash like it has a fiscal printing press as opposed to a conservative fiscally responsible opponent that is guarding his funds like he would our tax dollars.

Look no politician is perfect, but this is a no brainer. The entire democrat party is going into financial peril. Examine every American city that's had to declare bankruptcy, they are now and have been led by the democrats! It's a party wide disease and the only cure is to take away their checkbook. It seems to happen to both parties when they are given free reign, I hope the republican's have learned their lesson. Until we kick the offenders out of office they just don't seem to get it.

In a perfect world, leaders would exude leadership, character and integrity. They wouldn't have to have us course correct them on value issues. But we are human, and humans always take the path of least resistance. It's why our government was set up to give the power to the people and the ability to course correct our public officials with our votes. If the government has grown enough to offer the people largess, it's become too big and needs to be trimmed. Benefits are for those who earn them, that's the definition of justice. Charity is best handled by private concerns and managed at the lowest possible level to insure the least amount of fraud possible. An individual counselor has a much better grasp on an individual's situation as opposed to a large system. This is exactly why government should not offer benefits nor charity. Just do the job as outlined by our founders within the confines of the Constitution.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


  1. Ryan.... Trimming at the edges... Nowhere near what's needed!

    Balanced in 30 years? (what a joke) What promise has this gov kept over just 5 or 10 years???

    What department would be done away with? None!

    Ryan... Catering to people paying little to NO attention. IF they get in the little attention will become NO attention just like our "conservative" Bush! Ha!

    The only answer I get is... But it's better than Obama. Really? They've gotten us to hate one guys so bad that we'll take anyone in his place.
    The devil we know is.. You know the rest!

    Thanks for allowing me to rant.

  2. Rich
    That's what the comment box is there for! Actually it's the mission statement of the whole blog. I'm well aware that you would like a massive course correction right now, as would I. Just remember that this mess was a long time coming, and frankly, it's the centerpiece for the decline of the nation. One thing to remember is the moral code defines the conduct not only of the leadership, but of the country. This is where we have to begin our reform. In the mean time, it's imperative that we slow down the tidal wave of fiscal depravity. This is a matter of survival until we can change the culture. Remember, change the culture, change the nation.

    God Bless!
    Capt. Bill