Sunday, August 26, 2012

I Hope This Changes!

There was a time in our society when a liar was shunned. If you had a problem with the truth, people avoided you, and rightfully so. No one appreciates being misled. It shows a lack of character and for me personally, I have no trust in that individual. Your also perceived to be guilty by association if your found in the company of one who is a stranger to the truth.

This doesn't appear to be the case today. Somehow we've morphed from intolerant of being lied to, to accepting this as normal behavior. How did this happen? Perhaps it began when as a society we tolerated the telling of little white lies. We justified this previously unacceptable behavior as being in one's best interest.What they don't know won't hurt them comes to mind, or maybe we didn't feel they could handle the truth. Those little white lies have grown, now public officials stand adamant before us defending the statement they had just said with, "I never said that," or "that's taken out of context." And if they are really accomplished liars we make them the head of the democrat party or the President of the United States.

We used to have a truth in advertising rule. Information supplied to the public was scrutinized for truth and if it wasn't we demanded it be removed. We used to shun liars, now they are moved to positions of political power, and when they are called out and exposed, they lie even more. How has society eroded to this? How do proud people who are free accept being misled and misinformed? We need to demand the truth. We need to help people who are strangers to the truth to see the error of their ways, not accept it as normal behavior. We need to make changes in our society, and those changes start from within. Remember what we are willing to tolerate, we better learn to accept.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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