Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Integrity, The Media, And Politicians!

In Alexis De Tocqueville's, Democracy in America, a book describing the author's impression of the early America experiment, we find this notation.

"I was struck by the small number of political trials that occur in the United States of America, but I had no difficulty in accounting for this circumstance. A prosecution, of whatever nature it may be, is always a difficult and expensive undertaking. It's easy to attack a public man in journals, but the motives for bringing him before the tribunals must be serious. A solid ground of complaint must exist before anyone thinks of prosecuting a public officer."

This is how De Tocqueville describe the American judicial system to his fellow Europeans. You see, even back in the day is was possible to make unfounded accusations against one in the political arena and play the media to sway opinion. But as De Tocqueville describes, to back that accusation with enough proof to bring it before a judge, you have to have a solid ground upon which to stand.

Some modern day examples of how the system is abused are in our news reports right here and now. The Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid has stood before the nation and pompously proclaimed that the presumptive opposing party's Presidential nominee has not paid taxes in a decade. Now common sense would dictate that the enforcement are of the tax code, the IRS, would have exposed any tax issues as that's a major part of their job description. So if Mitt Romney has satisfied all their extensive legal requirements, why would this be even considered as valid? Especially when the accusation is based on rumor and hearsay! This attack on Romney's character speaks volumes to the lack of character present in the accuser. One might note as De Tocqueville did, that this is baseless and will never qualify as the solid ground type complaint that warrants further action. It's simply designed as a character smear to further Mr. Reid's agenda.

As if that's not embarrassing enough, would you be surprised to learn there is yet more? Mitt Romney has released a 59 point plan to get our country back on track. The plan is general and lacks specifics, sort of an outline as from which to hint at where he's going to take us; enter the media! The Tax Policy Center has decided to grade Romney's plan. Well they couldn't actually do that because in their own words...

" Because we have received no details on proposals to reduce tax preferences, the TPC analysis does not include those proposals"

So they just made up things and filled in the blanks. Their invention details tax cuts for the prosperous and tax increases for the not so prosperous just because this fit their agenda. They then published a report from which I took their above quote. Well the media took this as fact and has their own little smear campaign going, because apparently they missed the first paragraph of the report where this disclaimer lies. The one that says they have no facts on which to base this report, they just made it up.

Is anyone else wondering how we've survived this long? It's no wonder that Christian values are under constant attack. There is no way this behavior could exist under the guidelines of, "love one another as you love yourself." Not to mention, "thou shalt not bear false witness." When you purposely avoid the truth, and consciously attack your fellow man without regard for the facts, it's hard to face your Creator as a devout follower of his doctrine. So like the rest of this story, you avoid or dismiss the facts and live like there is no tomorrow or hereafter. Are these the works of Godly men, or inspired by Satan himself?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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