Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Political Fodder!

The political season is in full swing with the opening of the Republican National Convention. We've been entertained with robust and rousing speeches proclaiming the benefits of being aligned with your party of choice, soon to be duplicated by the opposition. And then we've been subject to the critics. No word is spoken in politics without an answer from someone in dissent. Yesterday we had governor after governor paraded in front of the nation who had turned the tide on the fiscal demise that was bequeathed to them by previous administrations. Sound fiscal policies had brought back their states from the brink of bankruptcy and even added surpluses to their budgets, and still they had critics. Isn't it interesting what politics will do to a perfectly rational human being?

Look at women for instance. Most women I know are loving, nurturing individuals who teach respect to others through their actions. They guard their family with more fervor than the government guards Fort Knox, yet when abortion becomes a political issue, some of those same loving individuals show the opposite behavior. All of a sudden those giving, loving, nurturing souls become self centered and aggressively lobby to end life in the womb. Is this really the stance of a mother?

We listen to politicians rage war on poverty, yet the war is being lost. Could it be those very same politicians need people to remain in poverty to sustain the cause they cling to? Who would they pander to should everyone be lifted out of poverty? They seek education as a means to end poverty, yet our children are becoming less educated as time marches on. We have programs for exceptional students, that yield no exceptional adults. Is this by design, or simply the result of an insensitive government machine intruding where they have no business?

You see politicians have a master, and it's not us. This is why we should never allow the government to do for us what we can do for ourselves. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and suggest they mean well, but the results of a well meaning individual are not always in your best interest. Vote for limited government. Take personal responsibility for your own life and don't allow politicians to dole out largess. Stay focused!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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  1. Amen Capt. Bill!

    It is all about personal responsibility.

    Great Post!