Thursday, August 16, 2012

Freedom Of Choice!

I was privy to a little tidbit of information the other evening that just might put a new perspective on your daily routine. I always start my day with a little reading of the Bible and a prayer. It just seems to put everything into focus. This great input explains why...

" Start your day with the Lord so you can see the world through His eyes, not see the Lord through the world's eyes!"

What a novel concept! I've often pondered why everything has a different perspective when I begin the day with some quality time invested with the Bible and prayer, now it all makes sense! The day begins with inspiration, not conceptual bankruptcy. Why wouldn't everyone want to enter each and every new day we are blessed with standing on the top of the heap as opposed to trying to shovel out from underneath it?

Again it's all a matter of choice! As free men and women our Creator has given us options. Our current situation is the scoreboard of the sum of our decisions. From day one God has given us the ability to choose. He left Adam and Eve the freedom to choose between an eternity in paradise or a taste of the forbidden fruit. Despite their sin, He still leaves us the freedom to choose. We define our environment by the choices we make. Weigh each decision with gravity of it's consequences. So many times we live for the moment not fully grasping the consequences of the freedom we've been gifted! Making sound, well thought out decisions lead to spiritual, emotional, and financial prosperity.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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