Friday, August 24, 2012

Time To Inform!

The more I engage people about the state of our country the more apparent it becomes that the problem is most don't understand the principles this nation was founded upon. Because those assigned powers that separate the authority of the governments have been abused, the system is broken. Our citizens have come to accept things the way they are, only because they don't understand the way it was meant to be.

I just left a fellow complaining that the federal government hadn't "invested" any money in math and science for years. Imagine his shock after I explained to him there is a compelling reason that's a good thing; it's not the job of the federal government to fund education, that's the responsibility of the state and local government! It took no time at all to convince him that problems are best solved at the lowest level possible and Washington couldn't possibly understand and solve the needs of the diversely different school districts. The challenges the city of Miami faces in education are not the same as Flippin, Arkansas school district needs. You cannot paint their picture with the broad brush of federal oversight and funding, that's why there needs to be local school boards, funded by local property taxes, with a hint of state oversight to ensure the community's needs are being met. We can abolish the Dept. of Education at the federal level which sucks seventy cents out of every dollar to fund it's self and deprives that money from the student's needs.

This is just one example of how our ignorance and complacency has allowed Washington to grow into this out of control ogre, that consumes our tax dollars, like a hay baler sucks in grass in August. Politicians have abused the Twenty Enumerated Powers of the Federal Government and wandered outside the scope of their responsibility, diminishing the effectiveness of the system of checks and balances installed by the framers. All by our consent, all because we didn't know, or didn't take the time to care. Since we are about to exceed 16 trillion dollars in debt do you think it's time to understand now? I can't stand by and watch as my children and grandchildren's future freedom is leveraged for the largess of buying votes. The least we can do is inform everyone of their shortcomings of their knowledge of government so they can join in the protest.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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