Monday, August 20, 2012

Dollars And Sense!

I'm not a big TV guy but I did happen to catch some of the "Sunday circuit" yesterday where the political parties send their surrogates out to explain or defend their policies and the actions of the week. It struck me as odd that those from the democrat camp spend the majority of their air time on defense. Which brought the question to mind, how effective are you at governing if your constantly making excuses? Even a novice at political strategy would see something is amiss.

The straight forward truth is, the people of this country are dissatisfied with the economy, and the debt created by government. Very few in Washington know how to address this mounting ire because we've slipped so far from the original model, the path we're on cannot lead to financial prosperity without course correction back to the days of yore when we followed the original principles this nation was grounded upon.

The problem is the money supply. Our current financial model is designed to benefit the uber wealthy. The rest of us are shackled, (note the terminology Joe Biden) by fiat money. Printed money that has no backing with anything of value. Those forced to use this currency are strapped with a fluctuating buying power because the worthless pieces of paper we trade with have nothing of intrinsic value to stabilize their worth! The uber wealthy trade their notes for gold, silver, land, jewels, or anything that has a stable value, so as the value of the dollar dips, the value of what they've invested in returns more paper. Fiat money hurts everyone but those who can invest in solid value entities that remain stable despite market fluctuations.

If our currency was backed by a gold reserve, the buying power of the dollar would remain predictable as long as the government didn't flood the market with printed money.

This has other effects on society as well. The crime spree they call Chicago, all economically driven. Continuous periods of inflation are often accompanied by obvious declines or morality and civility. If your broke, your not happy! You seek some sort of gratification and that'll generally lead people astray from a moral code. Visit an inner city for validation of this observation. Do you ever see strip clubs or other forms of debauchery in the exclusive neighborhoods? The need for decadence and immediate gratification is brought on by the frustration of poverty. While it's short term, it has the distracting power to make being financially frustrated tolerable for a brief moment. The aristocrats don't feel the need to prey on each other like that, so their neighborhoods aren't subject to that type of crime.

Fix the money supply, fix the nation!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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