Saturday, July 28, 2012

You Bet Your Sweet Bippy I Built That!

Welcome from Milwaukee, Wisconsin! Yesterday was a long travel day, capped off with inspiring speeches at the Life Leadership Convention. One of the most captivating minds in our organization is Oliver DeMille and he punctuated that last night with an invigorating talk aligning the need for us to find the genius hidden within our culture, and it's application in the fight to maintain our freedom. No truer words have ever been spoken.

We've become a society "glazed" over by complacency, and compliance. Our creative genius has been quashed by the conformity of conveyor belt education, and the daily grind of mindless tasks. Look at the blank stares of those walking our streets, the youth who can't wait to get through the interferences that separate them from their entertainment fix, verses the excitement and creativity of a preschool playtime atmosphere. We're so caught up in surviving and our daily routine, we have no time or will to deal with the important. We are apathetic to the erosion of freedom that threatens our existence. Our genius has been robbed from us.

A quick reality check on our part reaffirms that something just isn't right, but we feel helpless as an army of one. Would it be comfort to know that you are not alone? That there is a movement on the assault of your freedom, and a fight to reassign complacency and apathy to those who accept tyranny. I see the spark of genius twinkle in your eyes. I know we are a people who value our freedoms, and will oppose those who wish to have us behave and accept the fate of the ruled. We enjoy the sweet taste of freedom,and yearn to apply the genius God granted us to enhance His gift. And with the knowledge that this freedom of expression only happens by the will of God, reaffirmed by this Biblical edict.....

"For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God."- Hebrews 3:4

No longer will the ruling class claim responsibility for our alliance with God and purpose. No longer will we sit in a daze as if covered in a "glaze" of indifference. We have a will and imagination. We have a mandate from our Creator, to wash the glaze from our brother's eyes, and point him in the direction of freedom. Freedom begins with the unleashing of your imagination and creativity. Robots perform tasks, animals do tricks, people innovate, design, and use their imagination to unlock their potential. This is how we create a free society, from the ashes of the destruction caused by compliance, apathy, and indifference!

Come fulfill your purpose, come be a part of LIFE!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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