Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It Defies Logic!

To suggest, infer, make the statement, or otherwise submit that government is responsible for someone's success, is the height of an arrogant ideolog. Logic demands that something cannot be A and non A at the same time. Hence if government was a factor in success, success could not occur without government, and only those who were successful could be under the throws of government. Since government also occurs while individuals lack success, this statement lacks logic.

The discovery of fire is without doubt a pinnacle of success by mankind. Government wasn't even thought about when this occurred. The invention of the wheel made man more effective and therefore can be defined as a successful venture. Again it occurred without government, in fact both of these boons to mankind occurred during total anarchy. Government is not a success key!

To propose government is the cause of success as much nonsense as to infer gravity is cause by science. Gravity existed prior to man developing science to define the phenomena that surrounds him. Success existed prior to the discovery of government, and contrary to the science analogy, government does not define success.

There isn't a soul on earth that can achieve success without the air we breath. Is government the supplier of that? We cannot take another step forward toward success without oxygen, so logically it's even more important than anything government provides. But again, both the successful and those who lack success breath air, so while it is present for those who excel, it is also present for those who do not. What defines success is that which differs from those who exude exceptionalism, and those who don't.

To take the stand that your government, your education, or environment defines whether you succeed or fail is to invite the ability to lay blame. If you don't succeed you can attribute your failure to factors other than your individual effort. You defer your success by allowing something other than your mental toughness take credit or lay blame for your results. Instead of being part of the 10% who exceed expectations, you wallow in the mediocrity of the 90%, passing off excuses for results. This is the stinking thinking our youth is being taught. The government education conveyor belt is telling them you cannot hit a home run without giving credit to the bat, the ball, the other players, the field, the umpire, the fans, and finally the government. Hence you can blame each and everyone of those for a lack of success. The combination of your individual effort and God's grace are what defines those who excel, nothing more and nothing less.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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