Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Don't Be Negative!

One of the most under appreciated and overlooked women in history has to be Noah's wife. The account of her outstanding achievement is so poor we aren't even sure of her name, as it's not mentioned in The Book of Genesis. We can take a stab at it from other information were it suggests it might have been, Emzara, or Nuraita, or even Naamah, but imagine yourself in her shoes of a second.

Your hubby comes home and proclaims he just had a conversation with God. "That's nice honey," she says. "He want me to build an Ark," announces Noah.

" What's an Ark, babe?" asks his wife.

" I'm not sure, but I was told it's 300 cubits long, by 50 cubits wide, by 30 cubits high, and constructed out of gopher wood." responds Noah!

"That's nice hon, what's a cubit?" she asks with wonder.

"I'm told that a cubit is the length of my arm from my elbow to my fingertips," Noah informs her. "And we are to fill it with animals, two by two in breeding pairs."

"Wow, that sounds like quite a task. What's the purpose?" inquires his wife.

"Well there is going to be this great flood that'll consume the earth, and we were chosen to repopulate it." Noah proclaims.

Now at this point Noah's wife had a decision to make. She could have been a negative wife, or supported her husband's purpose. Imagine if she had told him this was a crazy scheme and demanded he get back to work providing for her and his family in the only way he knew how. "Get your head out of the clouds and quit listening to voices!" Might have very well been her response. Mankind and all life would have been destroyed from the earth, and it all hinged on the support of a loving spouse. We should take pause and reflect when opportunity presents itself. Are we playing a role in history as our purpose is rolled out before us, or are we being the wet blanket that smothers greatness? Noah's effort took all the resources of his family and all it's support, but the outcome has been the survival of mankind. They couldn't have realized their reward until the floods came. Talk about delayed gratification!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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