Saturday, July 14, 2012

For Greater Glory!

If it were up to people like me the movie industry would go broke. But last night I sidestepped tradition and visited the theater for the second time this decade.The last visit was to see Atlas Shrugged, the move before that was The Perfect Storm, and prior to that I watched Eight Seconds, and only a decade or so before that I enjoyed the original Star Wars. So as you can tell the Theater and I don't have a personal relationship, but not much has changed. I was excited to see that the second part of Atlas Shrugged is due to open in October, so we can learn more about John Galt. That's also a very timely release as the elections are right around the corner and Ayn Rand's timeless novel strikes so close to home in this time of economic peril. (I'm sure my 200 percent increase in entertainment spending this decade is helping to stem the tide on that financial issue). Anyway, the reason I wandered into unfamiliar territory was to see the movie Greater Glory. Interestingly, just like Atlas Shrugged it's not an easy movie to find if your seeking to enjoy it's entertainment value. I was told the theater has to be enticed by locals to offer a showing, as it wasn't on it's radar as a blockbuster moneymaker.

That's truly a shame because it is a wonderful portrayal and an incredible story of faith, freedom, and redemption. It also has interesting release timing as our country is addressing just this issue. Perhaps that could be the cause of the scarcity of theaters offering it's showing? I'm not certain if the movie is grounded in historical fact, or if the director took liberties with the plot, but if the United States did indeed react to Mexico's crushing of religious freedom as portrayed in the film, we indeed should be ashamed. If you take recommendations from a person who is completely unfamiliar with the entertainment industry, go see it. It'll make you laugh, cry, cheer, boo, and it'll make you think. The only disappointment I had with the whole experience was the ticket sales girl who had to be all of sixteen. After I got home and was emptying out my pockets, I examined my ticket stub a little more closely only to find she had given me a senior discount. It might be time to wash away some of this gray!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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