Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Want Some Candy?

Okay I'm back! Had a few computer issues to deal with, but all is good now! The down time gave me pause to reflect on the Supreme Court's decision on healthcare, and how it affects us all. After to listening to all the pundits and politicians apply their spin to the issue, one thought came to mind.

The government has become like a pedophile standing on the street corner trying to lure victims with the promise of candy up front.

While the initial offering maybe enticing, the end results your not going to like. This healthcare offering has all the entitlements front end loaded to lure you into the snare, then it becomes a tax burden. A tax burden that'll get increasingly worse, not unlike it's predecessors, Medicare, Medicaid, and social Security. The regret of initializing this entitlement won't be felt until long after the pedophile has left the scene and the horror of the act has set in.

This is what our nation has become. Our "leadership" has taken to deceived the citizens to enact legislation, "for it's own good." It's created an infection of mistrust that'll increasingly fester as time awakens the public to the financial horror this entitlement will create. Like an innocent child the uninformed voter will be abused after they have been lured with the promise of treats. Is this not the same deception used by other tyrants to achieve power over the unsuspecting? I don't know how else to put this other than it's an act of a hustler out to take advantage of the naive.

The only path to arrest this abuse of power is the voting booth in November. We've been abandoned by the last line of defense and told; you elected this mess, you clean it up. Fair enough!

Since no one in this administration seems to regularly attend any church, they are unaware that those of faith are praying them out of office. Those prayers will lead to an awakening, which will lead to the ballot box. It's a beautiful thing to watch as religious leaders indirectly inspire change through the power of prayer. Not a political word is muttered, but the influence of the Christian community will be felt come election day.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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