Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bureaucracy Is Single Minded!

"Congress doesn't pass laws anymore, it passes wish lists with broad statutes that allows the administrating bureaucrat to define the specifics."

There are those in Washington that has learned through the perversion of both the commerce clause, and the broad application of the general welfare clause in the preamble of the Constitution, that a non- descript offering of legislation allows more latitude when expanding their powers. Case in point, the sweeping generalities offered in the 2000 page plus healthcare legislation. Very little is defined, just left up to the discretion of the administrator, thereby creating a miniature dictator not accountable to anyone.

Another loose application is the Clean Water Act, and within that act the way "navigable waters" are abused. The EPA have broadened that explanation to include any puddle of water that might seep into a channel, as that puddle has an affect, ergo it must be overseen by the EPA. It's become normal for Congress to deem itself impotent as it has ceded authority to the bureaucracy. This has happened simply due to the delegation of specific definition of legislation to the head of a department. The eagerness of the bureaucrat in charge to assume and seize power points to the tyranny imposed. This is clearly not what our founders had in mind when they designed the separation of powers. Without exception it has led to an abuse of authority without oversight. Just another example of how far we've strayed from our original mission statement, and it's all in the selfish interest of a power grab.

Not only must we understand these abuses, we have to send representatives to office who also have a complete grasp on how unacceptable this is. This is the only way we can course correct this journey toward destruction our republic is on. Teach your children well my friends, and remind your friends and neighbors of the reality of Washington. We owe our children and grandchildren the future!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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