Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Have You Ever Wondered?

You have to wonder if those in power ever stash the idealism they espouse and look at the facts. I can understand the difficulty in finding the truth, as it never seems to appear without uncovering layers of ideology and misrepresentation; but if your going to take a stand and put yourself on the front lines, should you go well armed with statistics? (Pardon the pun). For instance...

Since the start of 2012, the death count in Chicago is 274. In seven months, the death count in Chicago, 274, that's 22.8 people slaughtered a month, or almost 1 a day. They have some of the strictest gun laws in the country, just as they do in Colorado, where there has been more instances of mass murder in concealed weapon banned cities than anywhere in the country.

Now I'm certain politicians have to be aware of this information. They also know that despite the lack of availability of guns to inhabitants of England, crime hasn't dipped. So why do they bury their heads in the sand and deny the facts? Criminals don't obey gun laws, and gun laws don't deter crime! Yet there are those that vocalize their opinions seeking the disarming of America.

In a similar instance, job growth throughout the nation has been sparse at best. The limited growth we have seen has come from states with Governors who lean conservative. In the past 12 months, states with GOP Governors have added 1.4 million jobs. More than 60% of the nation's growth. Wouldn't one concerned about getting America back to work, investigate what policies are driving that growth? Instead we are subject to insults insinuating that the successful had little to do with their prosperity. If the government provides the formula to make us prosper, why aren't we all successful? They apparently believe they have the key to success, so doesn't everyone benefit if we all blossom? This avenue of thought runs contradictory to the results the government's war on poverty has reaped. But with those facts in hand, our President stands before the nation and not only accepts credit for the job growth, but implies that those who excel in business did so only by the grace of government intervention.

So if we look at the facts, gun control legislation enhances horrific gun crime, and government policies impede business growth. That's reality! I'll bet we can apply this to other areas of government involvement. Do you think that's the reason the founders based our nation on a principle of "limited government?"

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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