Thursday, July 26, 2012

It Wasn't Suppose To Be Like This!

The House of Representatives has passed a Ron Paul sponsored bill, calling for the public audit of the Federal Reserve system. The timing is interesting as I was just having a discussion about the Fed the other day with someone I deeply respect and they were relaying a conversation they had with their parents about just this topic. The gist of the conversation boiled down to the observation that not only didn't their parents know anything about the Fed, most of America is also in the dark on this subject. The potential exposure and understanding of the Federal Reserve system as this bill is designed to do, will enlighten the public about whom controls our money supply, and how corrupt that process is. If ever our President was to embark on a mission of economic justice, this would be an outstanding place to begin his journey.

 The process to bring this bill to fruition leads it through the Senate, which is currently under the control of the liberal democrats, it's not likely to see the light of day. Which leads me to my point of this post. The reason the political system in Washington has become so grid locked is the process designed by the founders has been bastardized by the 17 TH amendment. Originally the Senators were to be appointed by the states, not voted into office, and subject to recall if they didn't vote in accordance with their state's will. So they were beholden to the state that sent them to office, not the will of a political party. Here's why this is important.

If you took exception to some activity in Washington, it would be easier for the individual to travel to, and express their opinion to the state capitol. This was not only important then, but it still is pertinent today. Say you were a citizen of New Hampshire back in the 1800's. Travel to the Nation's Capitol would be very time consuming and expensive, yet to simply go to your State Capitol and speak to your local representative would be a more practical endeavor. Same applies today. If you live in the state of Washington, plane fare to DC could be outside the average citizen's budget, yet you could voice your opinion to state representatives, and they could enlighten the Senators of their states as to how the constituentcy feels about every issue. It brings the federal government closer to the people. It beats calling Washington DC and getting the answering machine of your representative.

Senators today vote the will of the party. The reason for this is, the party holds the funding for their reelection bid hostage for their votes.

 "If you don't vote along party lines, I'm not so sure we can see our way clear to fund your reelection bid!"

 But when they were appointed by the state they represent, they were held accountable by the state officials, who were held accountable by the local voters. They currently give their allegiance to the party they represent because even the most loved politician would be defeated by another better financed opponent, especially if that opponent was offered by the Senator's own party. It's all a high stakes game of blackmail, and we the people, lose.

Our original design, the one our forefathers began this country on, was a well thought out plan designed to keep the power in the hands of the states, and within the grasp of the citizen. The greed driven by the need for power has slaughtered that design, and shifted the control to the party elite. If a politician decides to go rogue, they reign them in with threats of running an opponent, and defunding their campaign. This is why Washington has reached a gridlock.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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