Thursday, July 19, 2012

How Mitt Romney Wins The Presidentcy In A Landslide!

It never ceases to amaze me how we can cherry pick what we like and dislike about politics and politicians. It's so varied that there are very few certainties. Outside of claim that the Bush family is responsible for everything from a stubbed toe to global warming, most everything else is subject to a person's ideology. It is comforting to know that one former politician can shoulder the blame for just about everything wrong in this whole world. I'm simply agog at the idea he had time to get all this accomplished!

Now since I started out in a political frame of mind today, I thought I'd launch my sure fire plan to get Mitt Romney elected. This will turn the tide of the electoral process, and set the Obama campaign back on it's heels so far, they'll never recover. So here is the strategy...

It begins with Mitt's acceptance speech for the Republican party's launch of the campaign. Mitt announces that
"Yes I am a wealthy individual. Success has not eluded me, and in that spirit, and in the spirit of our founding fathers, who risked their lives and fortunes to create this republic, I wish to announce that when you elect me as President of this great nation, I'm going to forgo my salary and mandate that it's applied directly toward our country's debt reduction. I'm a man of means and self supporting, I don't need the income and the country doesn't need to accumulate more debt to support me. I'm also going to mandate that my retirement package, and the benefits associated with the office of President expenses also be directed toward lowering the national debt. I would also encourage any member of Congress or advisory boards that also are men and women of means to follow in my footsteps, and not accept compensation for their service to this country. We need to set an example and further the message of self sacrifice and patriotism."

That policy right there will secure all the undecided vote and a great majority of the independent vote. I would also make this announcement...

" It has come to light that the opposition of my campaign has taken exception to my nondisclosure of my tax returns. For some reason they don't think the IRS's stamp of approval is sufficient when it comes to my disclosure. Apparently it really irks them when information is withheld from the scrutiny of the public. I can't help but wonder how they like being on that side of the fence? So with that in mind, and my devotion to help our current President live up to being the most transparent in history, I'll release 1 year of tax filings for every sealed document the sitting President makes public. That should satisfy the curiosity on both sides of the political spectrum, and reinforce my willingness to compromise and reach out across the aisle in a spirit of cooperation. But I'll warn my doubters now, your going to find out that I am indeed a prosperous individual, and I've satisfied all of the requirements demanded by our tax code. I can't wait to see what our President's transparency reveals!"

Now I'm not available to consult or speech write for Mitt, but as a patriot this is my contribution toward his campaign. It's a winning strategy, complete with transparency, patriotism, and a spirit of nonpartisan cooperation.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


  1. Fantastic Stuff Bill!
    We should forward this to Mitt...
    I'll post this link on his page.

  2. Tim, I do believe this is a winning proposal. I was also certain that if I put it out there one of my outstanding readers would know how to get it in the right hands.
    Capt. Bill